Tylbur (prounounced TEEL-boor) is the sole deity in the Ilxder universe. He is known as the god of purity, righteousness, and compassion. He is the most powerful being in the Ilxder universe. The Ilxder is an impure avatar of him, and is endowed with many of Tylbur's powers.

Tylbur symbol2

Symbol of Tylbur


Tylbur, according to many sources including the Laedstranne, has always existed and always will; he cannot be destroyed. He eventually decided to start creating a massive universe. In seventy-seven days, he created something new for the universe. First, he created many different stars and galaxies, each unique. On the thirty-third day, he created Steorth, with just land and sea; no lifeforms existed yet.

Our lore masters are thumbing through the Laedstranne and other sources to find more information on Tylbur...