The Unholy Pantheon is a group of warriors that serve Tai'kalu unquestionably. Unlike the fallen Aencelden that chose to follow Tai'kalu at the end of the Battle of Trumpets, they are merely humans that were granted a form of immortality by Tai'kalu. Their name was deriven from the fact that they were granted immortality and massive powers - thus convincing them that they had reached godhood. They are immensely powerful and should not be taken lightly.

Rise to Power

The Crisis

The Unholy Pantheon's role in The Crisis is rather minor, because secretly they were being taught new elemental control techniques and the ways of the Ritual of Evil Resurrection by Tai'kalu. Tai'kalu, knowing his fate, taught them these things so they would be prepared to launch a counterstrike after the Ilxder confronted him. When the Ilxder defeated Tai'kalu, the Unholy Pantheon executed an assault against King Drejahren and Anoresise

The Attack

When Tai'kalu was smitten by the hands of the Ilxder and cast into Ragan'tol, the Unholy Pantheon executed a very simple attack on Anoresise, by using the new elemental control techniques that Tai'kalu had taught them. When they attacked, the city was celebrating the Ilxder's victory over Tai'kalu, thus they had lower defenses. They first just marched into the city and started flooding it with their elemental control powers. Many sought shelter on the roofs of many buildings in the city. The Unholy Pantheon used tornado-like gusts to sweep any of the remaining survivors off of the roofs and into the water. They then used many rocks to weigh them down, to make sure none of them would swim to the surface and escape. Fortunately for Steorth, the King had been semi-suspicious of an attack and had prepared the way to escape. He retreated to a hidden fortress in the Deadlake Region.

Establishment of a new government

Although the government of Steorth was described as a totalitarian monarchy, it was, quite frankly, more of a democratic monarchy. When the Unholy Pantheon took over, they returned a totalitarian dictatorship, in which people were forced to either worship Tai'kalu or be killed. They demolished the statue of Drejahren I in Anoresise and erected a statue of Tai'kalu, made of solid, pure gold. They

Ritual of Evil Resurrection

The secrets to the ritual are currently lost - our lore masters are working on rediscovering them. (For informational purposes only, of course)