Tai'kalu facing the Ilxder in Teor

Tai'kalu was the chief warrior of Tylbur, and the leader of the uprising against Tylbur. He was residing in Teor for over 5000 years, before the Ilxder, prophesied warrior/avatar of Tylbur, faced and defeated him. He was then banished to Ragan'tol for another 100 years. Then he was released to ravage Steorth one last time, before he personally faced Tylbur himself, was finally defeated and sent back to Ragan'tol for all of eternity.


Tai'kalu was created as an Aencelden warrior, to be the prince over all of the Aencelden, answering only to Tylbur. His original name was Oeren, meaning Prince of Light in the elven language dialect Raear.

Anger with Tylbur and the Great Uprising

Oeren was angry with Tylbur for creating humans. Tylbur rebuked him, and Oeren rejected Tylbur's sovereignity, calling him a "foolish immortal, unfit to be called a god". Thus, he led an uprising against Tylbur by convincing thousands of the Aencelden warriors to follow him. They fought a cosmic battle, and Oeren was ultimately thrown out of Aeoresise, and forced to stay on Steorth. He then took upon the name Tai'kalu, which means "Master Destruction". This fits his personality, considering that he is very destructive and hateful.