Steorth (Stay-oarth) is the mythical world in which the Ilxder game series takes place. According to common legends, the god Tylbur created Steorth at the dawn of time.

History of Steorth

According the the Laedstranne, Tylbur created the plane on which Steorth exists while time itself was still raw and formless. He shaped the plane in fourty-nine days; on the twenty-first day, he started creating Steorth. On the fourty-second day, he created Denock, the first mortal. He walked with Denock on Steorth. The area where he first stepped into Steorth was named Issessia (Ise - paradise, Ese - the God, Iao - posession [Used as "from"]), or Paradise from the God (Tylbur). Meanwhile, in Aeoresise, the Battle of Trumpets took place. Oeren fell, and took on the name Tai'kalu ("Fallen Destruction"). He came to Denock, to convince him to betray Tylbur. Denock fell for the deception, and was banished from Issessia for eternity, never to return. With no place to go, Tai'kalu visited Denock again. This time, he tried to convince Denock to join his efforts in the ongoing rebellion against Tylbur. Denock accepted, and Tai'kalu gave him a massive palace in Teor, as well as many armies of the fallen warriors of Tylbur who were banished from Aeoresise as well.

According to some ancient maps, the land within Steorth was much larger than it currently is: almost eight times the size of the world now, where the oceans now are. It is unclear what truly happened to these lands, though most scholars believe that Tylbur may have sent a flood or caused vast amounts of ice to melt, causing the lower lands to be buried under miles of water. Some scholars believe that the oceans now cover vast amounts of land that potentially could have been where civilisation may have made its earliest steps into history, and for some reason, the waters came upon the lands and possibly buried large amounts of knowledge.


Steorth was created with the intention of creating a beautiful, perfect world where Tylbur could dwell among all of His creation. Before the Battle of Trumpets and the Great Deception, Steorth was literally perfect. It was a planet of massive proportions, reaching almost two trillion square miles in land area, with majestic mountain peaks reaching tens of miles into the sky, rolling hills filled with ethereal flowers and plantlife, slow-flowing rivers of crystal-clear water, trees that reached far into the sky, countless species of animals, colourful butterflies and birds inhabiting the air, cliffs of solid crystal on the shores of the seas, and the entire planet was covered in a teal-coloured grass and most trees were brilliant shades of blue, red, orange, green, yellow, and pink. A gentle light-orange sunlight covered the entire planet, so there was no night, and the planet was locked in place in the universe, so there was one season for the entire planet: Equitempus. The plantlife and animal life were eternally locked in a state between the end of spring and beginning of summer, thus why the colours were so vibrant, and the animals were so gentle.

After the Great Deception, Tylbur cursed the land and rebuked its inhabitants for harbouring the evil of Tai'kalu, which caused the entire planet to slowly decline into darkness, and the immortality of the inhabitants of the planet was revoked. The star it's near, Caeren, was darkened and shrunken to become a blue dwarf star. Tylbur set Steorth into orbit, causing the Five Seasons to begin, and it forced the land to adapt to the climate changes. Most scholars believe that it was in this time that Tylbur flooded everything except the Steorthan Highlands (the modern-day land on Steorth), some scholars saying that the oceans are actually the tears of Tylbur Himself. The perfection was effectively destroyed, hardly preserved by the Highlands. However, Tylbur was not without mercy, so He took a shard of the land of Old Steorth, and created Halmuna - the island of preserved perfection - where the immortality and perfection of Old Steorth was maintained. This was not without cost, however, as only the most pure followers of Tylbur and His teachings were permitted to dwell on here, and if they disobeyed His orders and left the island, the blessing of immortality and immunity from all sickness and pain would leave them.

Today, Steorth is still naturally beautiful, though it isn't even a fraction of how beautiful and grand it once was. There are still large landscapes of majestic mountains, ancient forests, vast amounts of plant life (though darkened, lacking the vibrant colours they once had), and many creatures. The human world, however, is anything but beautiful - kingdoms war against each other, Tai'kalu still stirs up chaos despite his weakening at the First War of the Northlands, and greed and selfishness reign the land of the mortals. And things continually grow worse by the day.

Prophecies regarding Steorth

One particular prophecy that has stirred interest in scholars is called the "Waeld-raestel", or World-riddle in Raear. It is as the following:

One chance for a savior
Who will go to the depths of death and back
Two times reborn
Will the creation be
Three kings
Will rule the world with first, peace, second, unstable safety, third, with apocalyptic chaos
Four and one changes
Bring forth the prophecy
Six times
Will darkness be unchained
Seven eternities
Will fidelity reign

The scholars believe that this riddle could be the key to unlock the hidden knowledge of the end of Steorth as it currently exists.