The Order of Scholars (also known as The Order; individuals in the group are known simply as Scholars) is an order of people across Steorth who work together to learn more about the history of Steorth and the scientific ways of Steorth. They study the Laedstranne extensively in collaboration with the Church of Tylbur, and learn more about what Tylbur has to say to the world. Most scholars are held in high regard, though there are some sects that are highly criticised for their attempt to scientifically explain supernatural events.


The Order of Scholars was formed in the Second Age (also known as the Age of Settlement) as a group of intelligent people who wished to learn more about Tylbur and his creation than most know by common understanding. At first, they were criticised by the Church of Tylbur and by its followers, but after the Reform of 221, most governments had established the Order as a protected group, and the Church eventually grew to acceptance of the Scholars as humans simply trying to learn more about their God.

During the First War of the Northlands, the Order, headquartered in the Kingdom of the Phoenix, was highly persecuted by the barbaric forces of Tai'kalu. Their library in the Duchy of Erye was razed to the ground, thus the Scholars lost all the recorded knowledge they had; studies had been destroyed, so the Scholars had to start again. Many credit the state of Steorth in the current age to have been caused by this destruction of such advanced knowledge, and many believe that humans have grown less intelligent over the years, thanks to this event.

In the Third Age, the Scholars had a lesser role than they had during the Second Age. They still served a role as the primary group of scholastic people in Steorth, but they were no longer a protected group until the thirty-year reign of Drejahren I, when said monarch restored their protected status and became their first-ever patron, in his attempt to learn more about the will of Tylbur in his life and in the life of his kingdom. Their protected status was kept up unto the current age, and their current projects range from a bio-engineered supersoil to certain machines and methods of making work less intensive on the bodies of the people of Steorth.