The Laedstranne (meaning "The Song Book") is the ancient collection of documents and notes about the history of the plane on which Steorth exists. Written by Tylbur through his mortal servants, it also has prophecies, lessons, and other information. It is the centre of all knowledge comprehensible to mortals of the universe.

History of the Laedstranne

Scholars debate whom the author of the Laedstranne is. Many think that Tylbur spoke to early mortals and told them what to say, whereas some, more science-oriented scholars think it was just a group of priests who wished to control the populace. Most, however, accept the idea that Tylbur spoke to the early mortals about it.

Most scholars, including those who believe it was written by the priests, believe the Laedstranne originated during the middle years of the First Age. The first references to the word "Laedstranne" surfaced, however, during the Second Age.


The Laedstranne contains many prophecies on the future of Steorth, and creation as a whole; these prophecies include the prophecy of the Ilxder, but some of the most mysterious prophecies in the book are prophecies of the waning years of creation. One particularly interesting prophecy is the Prophecy of the Second Rebirth. No one is entirely certain why it is entitled "Prophecy of the Second Rebirth", but some scholars believe that Steorth could be the actual product from the blueprint that Tylbur used to create his home, Aeoresise. However, there is no official knowledge on the subject.


The Laedstranne, being titled "The Songbook" in the ancient Aencelden language, includes a massive variety of songs written by Tylbur, inscribed by his mortal servants. One of the most encouraging and beautiful songs, the Song of Coming Serenity, describes a future era when Tylbur will destroy evil and imperfection. Song themes can be beautiful, or not-so-beautiful; peaceful, or apocalyptic. Each song has meaning and a purpose, though the purpose of each song cannot be determined by mortals.


The Laedstranne also has many lessons that Tylbur has taught his People, as well as laws that hold their society together. There are two Books of Law, one Book of Compassion (teachings on how to set an example for others), one Book of Sense (teachings on how to use the intelligence Tylbur gave to his People), two Books of Society (teachings on how to treat others and how to respectably treat yourself and your environment, as well as some teachings on how society should function), and a Book of Hope (teachings on how to rely on Tylbur and his love).

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