The Kingdom of the Phoenix is the center-most kingdom in Steorth. It is arguably the most significant kingdom in the world as most events in recorded history either took place in the kingdom or it had relation to the kingdom. The Kingdom of the Phoenix contains Issessia, where Tylbur first stepped onto Steorth, as well as Halmuna, the Island of Preserved Paradise.


The Kingdom of the Phoenix was established in the ending years of the First Age by Drejahren I, Tylbur's chosen king. The name of the kingdom derives from the mystic phoenixes that were prevalent in the area at the time, before they were hunted to extinction. The Kingdom was established after Tylbur commanded Drejahren to march His Chosen People in to the land the kingdom now exists. The land, being centrally-located, has multiple different climates. Additionally, because of its central location, it is very prosperous and influential among the other kingdoms.

First War of the Northlands

When Tai'kalu launched his campaign against Tylbur, the Kingdom of the Phoenix was the most active force against darkness. It fought with ferocious strength and won many battles, however it didn't escape the war without damage. The Scholars' Library in Erye was burnt to the ground, thousands of innocent lives were lost, and the Kingdom of Crystelite was completely destroyed. However, the war ended in victory for the Kingdom of the Phoenix and all of mortalkind, and the kingdom ended up annexing the Duchy of Pinewood.

The Crisis

Throughout the Third Age, the Kingdom rebuilt itself and regained much of its prosperity. It would not see major conflict again until The Crisis in the late Sixth Age. During The Crisis, the Kingdom did what it could to protect against the increasing demonic attacks from the Northlands, and was winning the fight with the Ilxder on their side. However, while the Ilxder was battling Tai'kalu in Teor, the Unholy Pantheon launched its attack against the Kingdom of the Phoenix, overthrowing Drejahren II and his government, forcing the King into hiding. The chief of the Unholy Pantheon, a demon named R'isorm, then adapted the appearance of a charismatic human male and falsely took upon the name of Drejahren III, deceiving many of the people of the Kingdom into believing that R'isorm was the true Ilxder. Because of this deception, the people never revolted or resisted the Unholy Pantheon's reign.


The Kingdom of the Phoenix is divided into ten duchies ruled by a duke or duchess (sometimes both). Because it's at the center of the Steorthan Highlands, the Kingdom sees the climate of many of the different regions of the world. Halmuna is contained within the boundaries of the Kingdom but is not under the rule of the King. Instead, it is ruled by a democratic theocracy that regularly consults with Tylbur to make its decisions. The list of the duchies within the Kingdom are below: