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The Ilxder right outside of the chapel in Issessia.

The Ilxder (pronounced EEL'der) is the warrior/saviour chosen by Tylbur and is prophesied to save the whole of Steorth. He is, in a sense, filled with power from Tylbur, but lacks His omniscience (except in the cases where Tylbur chooses to reveal hidden knowledge), and his physical body can be killed.


The Ilxder was born on the protected Halmuna island, to an adventurous father and a laid-back, former-priestess mother. He lived a relatively easy life, learning theology and history from his mother, and the traits of the modern world from his father. At the age of 12, Tylbur revealed to his parents that their child was the one whom Tylbur had chosen to be the Ilxder. After learning of this, the Ilxder's father wished to travel to the Kingdom of the Phoenix to inform the current king of the approaching events. Because of this, the Ilxder's father could not return to Halmuna, and was forced to remain in the Kingdom of the Phoenix.

Salvation of Halmuna

Almost two years after his father departed from Halmuna, Tylbur gave the Ilxder a test of his thoughts and abilities. He sent a large tidal wave from the north that spread panic across the entire island. As Tylbur knew he would do, the Ilxder calmly walked to the north shore of Halmuna, raised his hands in faith, and up came a tidal wave of equal size and force. With a simple hand motion, the summoned tidal wave was sent at the approaching tidal wave from Tylbur at equal speed and force. When the two massive waves collided, the water sprayed upward into the sky, and spread to the sides with incredible speeds. Halmuna was saved through faith in the Ilxder and Tylbur's choice.

Departure from Halmuna

After a certain course of events, the Ilxder increasingly saw that this was the time to fulfil that for which Tylbur had chosen him.

Prophecy of the Ilxder

The prophecy of the Ilxder originated since a wise man, name unknown, received a divine vision from Tylbur, promising him that his future generations would certainly see the coming of a warrior whom would save Steorth in it's largest time of need. When the man asked the name of the warrior, Tylbur replied, "He shall be called Ilxder - for he is the most noble warrior who shall come to save." Tylbur instructed the man to archive what he had seen, and these archived writings have become known as the Prophecy of the Ilxder. The pages that were recovered from the man's journal are barely intact, and currently reside at the Imperial Historical Museum in Anoresise. Historians debate whether or not that the Imperial Historical Museum have the full prophecy, as it seems as if it was cut off short. What remains intact is the following poem, and the journal entry afterward:

There was a time when your glory

Reigned, all acts were done for thee

Time will come when evil stays

Still clinging to belief of rule

Mortals are stubborn as mules

In time, thy grace will save all

A warrior after [the] fall

But when all looks grim, doom come

Then, shall thee come, none shall run

For he is Ilxder, he saves

In thy name, for thy glory

For the people, for future.

Then, evil, trapped may be, so

A new threat arise, full reign

For seventy-seven years

Until Ilxder fights again...