Halmuna (HALL-moon-ah) is an island largely isolated from the rest of Steorth. It is located in the centre of the Sea of Trials. It is known for its paradise-like qualities and is currently known as the only place on Steorth that has not been touched by the Curse of Darkness. The tutorial for Ilxder: The Adventure Begins is on this island.


Issessia was originally where Tylbur first stepped into Steorth, and Halmuna never existed until after the fall of the first man. Tylbur created Halmuna as a refuge and paradise on Steorth for the mortals that didn't give in to Oeren's deception. Thus He protected the island from outside influence to taint the paradise of Halmuna. Thus, once a person leaves the island, they cannot come back unless Tylbur gives them the specific ability to do so.

Traits of the Island

Halmuna is a paradise island created by Tylbur to preserve some degree of perfection on His fallen creation. It's a land of indescribable beauty, peace, and life.

It is filled with rolling hills of lush blue-green grass, shimmering, rich-blue water that runs very calmly without growing stagnant (the rivers are the main water source; the water of streams taste like the juice of watermelon), cliffs of marble to the north of the island, teal-tinted trees with edible bark that tastes somewhat like honeydew and leaves that are sweet as honey, sky-blue shaded tulips, and the even more rare species of tulip, the Royal Tulips, which are a rich purple colour. The sky is multi-coloured, with shades of blue, lush green, golden yellow, purple, and pink.

The streets are paved with pure-white marble cobblestones, and the buildings are built from massive slabs of the same marble. Common tiling in buildings in Halmuna are typically a mix of marble, and teal-coloured crystals found in abundance in a cave on the east side of the island.

While very baffling how it's possible, the light of Caeren (the star Steorth orbits) never touches Halmuna. Instead, the entire island is illuminated by a gentle, glowing, golden light.

The citizens are all in human bodies, albeit free of any disease or malformities, and while they're on the island, they do not age and cannot die. They all have well-designed clothing.

Status in Steorth

Because the island is protected from outsiders, the Kingdom of the Phoenix has no influence on the governing of the island. Tylbur himself governs the people on the island. Many kings and princes have tried to invade the island over the course of time but have always failed - reports of freak tidal waves and storms during invasion attempts have been recorded.

There is no death or aging past the age of 20 years on the island, but many youth don't care about the joys of the island and run away to the rest of Steorth.

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