Everspring is the largest territory in the Kingdom of the Phoenix, geographically lying beneath the Capital Duchy and the Eastern Grazelands. It is a territory forever stuck in Spring, thus making it a place of extraordinary beauty. It is a land of peace, and it's the home territory of the monastic Order of Tranquility.


The land that Everspring sits on is believed to be the site of the original Temple of the Church of Tylbur, but no archaelogical or recorded knowledge fully supports this claim. Many base it off of the idea that Everspring is in the center of the Steorthan Highlands (the modern-day continent of Steorth), and one of the Laedstranne books states, "From the heart of the world comes Tylbur's providence, and to the heart of the world shall His people return to fill the wellsprings of hope.". This statement combined with the fact that the area is stuck in the season of Spring, are the primary reasons why the Order of Scholars believes that the First Temple was located here.

When Tylbur cursed Steorth for harboring and accepting Tai'kalu, the land where Everspring exists was blessed and nourished, which caused the originally barren lands to come to life. Over the ages, not many people settled here, despite the incredible livability of this region. In 2A 342, King Issac II stated that anyone who wishes to settle in the region must have aproval from the government, and no major settlements or buildings could be created in the region, meaning there are no cities and only two villages: Hilltop and Riverwatch.


The entire region is covered in an eternal state of Spring that resembles the transition period between Spring and Summer, leaving all of the trees and flowers in bright blooming colors, and the weather is mildly warm with a nice balance between sunny and rainy weather.