The "Elven Language" is a generic term referring to the language of the Aencelde. There are two main dialects, Raear and Steorthan.

Raear EtymologyEdit

Raear (RAY-eir) is the uncorrupted, original form of the Aencelden language still used by the Aencelde, and a few select primitive tribes across the Steorthan Highlands. It is a beautiful language characterized by vowel combinations and its "equal pattern" stylings, and many words have Celtic and Germanic roots. Most names of individuals and organizations include at least one vowel combination (IE - Aencelden, Oeren, Aethel, Steorth), with a few exceptions such as the Drejahren Kings of the Phoenix, as well as Tylbur Himself. Raear tends to be a language based heavily on patterns of equality, as evidenced in some Aencelden words, seeing one or more letter appear more than once in a word: Raear, Oeren, Aethel, Issessia. The Laedstranne, the Holy Book of Tylbur, was initially created in the Raear dialect but Tylbur translated it into the common tongue - Steorthan - to allow mortals to read about His love for them.

Steorthan EtymologyEdit

Steorthan (STAY-oar-then) is the corrupted, mortal form of the Aencelden language spoken by most mortals on Steorth. It was created by Oeren after the Battle of Trumpets, when he corrupted the language by taking on an unholy name: Tai'kalu. Names like Natrhok, Teor, Erye, Anoresise, and so forth are corruptions of words from the original Raear dialect. In example, Anoresise is a corrupt version of the name of the Holy City of Tylbur, Aeoresise, and Teor is a corrupt and shortened version of the name of the world, Steorth, which means "Beauty" in Raear. Erye is a corrupted version of the Raear word for "water": aerae, and Natrhok is a corrupt version of the Raear word for "blessed": T'naethrog (NAY-there-ogh). The Steorthan dialect is strongly based upon the real-world language, English, but with some of the Germanic and Celtic names from the Raear dialect mixed in.