Elemental control is an ancient art, practiced by only the most skilled and disciplined mages. It is said that every person on Steorth has the potential to use it. The Aencelden were the first masters of this art, and continually use it in their service to Tylbur. Elemental control allows the wielder to have a very powerful weapon and tool, which allows them to manipulate the elements, including the following: fire, water, earthen things, air, weather, chemicals, time, and even the ability to manipulate the Astral Creations.


The first recorded use of elemental control by humans was in the 1st era, by Seurith Athrei, the founder of the Elleunata cult. He used it to reject the reign of Zeuren I, and influence his followers that he was a god, and that he was the brother of Tai'kalu. Thus, the art of elemental control was born. It has been used very little more. One king, the one which was believed to ascend to godhood, Drejahren I, was possibly the most skilled at this art. His power was beyond belief, which is why the people believed he became a god. However, he was not powerful enough. He ruled the Kingdom with an iron fist, and thus, the future generations ruled through peace. The power was not seen again until the Ilxder was born. He used his power to save his mother and friends from a flood, by holding back the waters, allowing them to escape. This caused his mother to send him to a priest, who recognized that he fulfilled every single one of the Ilxderian prophecies, written in the Laedstranne. When the Ilxder visited the Temple of the Exalted One, he was contacted directly by Tylbur, who gave the Ilxder all of the knowledge to use complete elemental control. This caused the Ilxder to literally become the most powerful being ever to walk Steorth since Tylbur walked in Issessia. He used it several times during his quests, but his most notable (And perhaps most skilled) use of it was when he fought Tai'kalu. Several times, he used time manipulation, fire conjuration, and manipulation of the Astral Creations, which caused Teor to literally tear itself apart from the inside out. With the inability to walk on Steorth, and no where else to go, Tai'kalu was forced into Ragon'tol.

Abilities and Characteristics

Unlike normal magic, elemental control is literally able to control the elements. While fire, water, earthen things, and air must have some type of source, chemical manipulation, time manipulation, and astral manipulation do not, because they are a source in themselves.